800,000 People In California Can Be Without Power This Week


This week, over 50% of all counties in California can be without power. In an effort to stop wildfires, the largest utility of the state PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) is launching out an intended power outage. Once implemented fully, it will span from Silicon Valley to the Sierra and leave an expected 800,000 users in the dark.

It is become obvious that overhead power lines are to accuse for some of the worst wildfires in California. Sparks from those power lines have light some of the most deadly and largest fires in late times, comprising the Camp Fire in California.

As the state makes an entry in peak wildfire season, executives are observing local weather conditions. With high winds and low humidity forecasted, the National Weather Service has launched red-flag fire danger alerts in regions of the state. Taking a proactive action, PG&E has made a decision to slash power so as to lower fire dangers.

As of this week, over 500,000 PG&E users will be without power. The outages are expected to affect 34 counties. The firm claims the outages can last for a few days, possibly expanding until next week. The utility aims to start getting back power starting soon, but experts will have to inspect the lines carefully and fix damage prior to the power is restored. That procedure cannot begin until the winds have calmed, and it could take various days.

On a related note, With windy conditions and dry weather on the edge, California’s PG&E utility is aiming for a huge power outage to stop the electricity lines from triggering wildfires. That can be bad news for EV users, so Tesla is taking a proactive action. The firm launched an in-car alert notifying consumers to charge their cars fully before the outage.

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