Google removes game based on Hong Kong protests from its app store


Tech giant Google has taken down a game from its play store that was based on Hong Kong protests. In an official statement published this week the firm said that it has framed policy whichstops developers from capitalizing on sensitive issues and trying to earn money from sensitive conflicts or calamities through games. The app referred to as “Revolution of Our Times” allowed users to enact role plays as Hong Kong protesters and then make virtual purchases of objects like weapons and protective gear while moving through different stages in the game.

A company spokesperson stated that the app removal was not due to government request but due to violation of Play Store’s policies. Protests have been ongoing across Hong Kong for several months now and several foreign companies doing business in China(mainland) and other semi-autonomous regions are caught in the fallout.

During early part of this week Apple also pulled out a mapping app called from its App Store which used emojis to show users about incidents happening around the city. While dogs signified presence of police officers in different pockets, police cars showed locations of police vehicles and cameras showed live streaming areas. Apple declared that it received complaints from several Hong Kong residents that the app was being used to endanger citizens’ lives and law enforcement.

The state media of China too criticized Apple for allowing the HKmap to be downloaded and all these issues convinced the firm to remove the app from its play store. The National Basketball Association was also drawn into controversy surrounding Hong Kong protests that drew backlash on social media. The incident occurred when Daryl Morey, executive of Houston Rockets posted his supported for pro-democracy protesters on Twitter which drew ire of Chinese people. This action led to official Chinese partners of NBA to withdraw the invitation and suspend all ties with the league.

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